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Delicious water enhances your Los Angeles and Las Vegas workplace

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Environmentally responsible water

First Class Vending & Coffee Service delivers what is considered the best water filtration service in Southern California including Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Connect our bottleless water coolers to your water line and reap the rewards. The water is passed through carefully chosen filters that eliminate impurities, leaving behind pure tasting water, available instantly hot or cold.

Water services in Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Upgrade to water purified with the power of Firewall UV

  • One source for service

    Water filtration service is just one of the many services available to your Los Angeles and Las Vegas business.

  • Convenient counter top option

    Our water filtration unit comes in a convenient counter top model that fits perfectly under upper cabinets.

  • Free-standing floor model

    Save counter space by opting for a full size floor model that still offers the water filtration convenience.

  • Multi-temperature

    Each of our water filtration units offers the option to enjoy the filtered water hot or cold from colored taps.

  • Pure, great taste

    Filtered water is all natural with a fresh, pure flavor unmatched by any bottled drink, which can also enhance hot beverages.

  • Eliminate 5-gallon bottles

    No more 5-gallon water bottles to transport, store, or exchange thanks to an eco-friendly bottle free unit.

Revive the water cooler culture in your Los Angeles and Las Vegas location with water filtration service from First Class Vending & Coffee Service at info@firstclassbreakrooms.com or 800.515.8363.