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A variety of snacks as diverse as your workforce

Snack better

Enjoy the perfect snack vending machines and product mix in your break room

Trusted snack vending machine professionals in Southern California including Los Angeles and Las Vegas

  • Guaranteed delivery

    Each vending machine we place has a built-in sensor to detect if a product drops, and if not, triggers a refund.

  • Trendy snacks

    In your snack vending machine, you will find today’s most popular snack options, including new items.

  • Health focused

    First Class Vending & Coffee Service offers a delicious line of snacks that meet nutritional and special dietary standards.

  • Pay your way

    Each snack vending machine accepts multiple payment forms, including smartphone payment apps.

More of the snacks that satisfy employees

We have built a reputation based on delivering dependable refreshments and the best snack vending machine experience thanks to state-of-the-art equipment.

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Always rotating in new products

While we customize your snack vending machine based on your requests, we also offer the latest items to keep the selection exciting.

Nutritious snacks

Don’t sacrifice taste when looking for a healthy snack with our wide line of healthier options.

Ready to crunch

Find exactly the right chip flavor to perfect your work-day snack or compliment your lunch.

Sweet offerings

We provide today’s top selling candy options for when you need that boost during a shift.

Baked treats

Sink your teeth into one of our delicious pastries, made with the finest ingredients and perfectly baked.

On-the-go bars

The ultimate portable snack, bars are perfect for Los Angeles and Las Vegas busy employee.

Create a break room that satisfies, with quality snack vending machines from First Class Vending & Coffee Service at info@firstclassbreakrooms.com or 800.515.8363.