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A refreshment provider dedicated to today’s service enhancements

Upgrade your break room

Utilizing technological advances to improve service

From the flexible payment methods at our vending machines to sustainability programs
in our warehouses, we invest in the latest technology.

  • Pay with card

    Now you can use your credit or debit card to pay for a snack or beverage, from vending to micro-markets.

  • Go mobile

    Using a mobile wallet? Use it to pay at one of our many vending machines or kiosks accepting cashless.

  • Energy-saving equipment

    Each vending machine we place is Energy Star rated ensuring it’s the best efficiency available.

  • Electronic inventory

    Drivers all use handheld computers to capture reliable stocking data from your specific vending machines.

  • Your product guaranteed

    Infrared sensors inside the vending machine detect when a product is dispensed, and if not, trigger an automatic refund.

  • Environment focused

    Sustainability is important to us, so we strive for creative ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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Energy savings in every area

At First Class Vending & Coffee Service, our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment is more than lip service. Our Bell Gardens Distribution Center in Southern California houses a 349 kW Solar Electricity Installation. At our headquarters there are 1,296 solar panels, which power the four buildings at the location. Beyond solar power, we have ingrained recycling programs of items as diverse as cardboard to old phone and printer cartridges. We drive hybrid vehicles and place Energy Star rated vending machines.

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