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Vending Machines for Lovely Pasadena Springs Employeesvending machines and water filtration service in Pasadena

Vending machines offer a variety of wonderful products, and your Pasadena business can have them installed by First Class Vending at no charge. We also will keep them filled, serviced, cleaned and have new vending machines for you with the latest and greatest technology. Let's start with a free, no-obligation consultation to show our dedication to customer service. First Class Vending is ready to be the partner you never knew your Pasadena establishment was missing. Every machine has infrared technology that guarantees your product is dropped or gives you instant credit. No more hassles with refund slips.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services in Pasadena

Is your office coffee lacking? Office coffee services in Pasadena from First Class Vending can take it to the next level. We'll start with new brewing equipment, great coffee selections, tea, hot chocolate and much more. Then we'll make sure to fully stock your break room shelves. We guarantee that you'll never run out of cups, napkins, paper towels, utensils, sweeteners, sugar or creamers. Everything will be ready to use 24 hours a day.

First Class Vending is also your solution for water filtration. We install plumbed in units that deliver hot and cold filtered water on demand for your Pasadena office breakroom.

Pasadena Loves the Micro-Marketoffice coffee and micro markets in Pasadena

The micro-market would be a great fit for your Pasadena business that adds much more variety then a vending machine can. This also creates for a fun and unique shopping experience in your very own office break room. Having an open selection allows employees to personally pick out their items and even check nutrition labels. Purchases are made easily and securely at the touchscreen, self-checkout micro-market kiosk which accept credit, debit, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet. Micro-markets use completely online reporting and lets us know what items need to be restocked before we visit.

One phone call puts you on the path toward happier, more productive employees. Contact First Class Vending today at 800-515-8363 or send an email to info@firstclassbreakrooms.com.