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Paradise Gets Its Vending Machines Herevending machines and water filtration service in Paradise

First Class Vending is a leading provider of vending machine technologies, and we have everything Paradise offices need. Our selection of vending machines ranges from beverage and snack vending machines to coffee and food vending machines. These machines offer the latest in convenience features, such as Sure Vend, a technology that utilizes infrared beams to ensure a paid-for product is vended. If it’s not, money is refunded automatically. Beyond high-level machine technologies, our vending agreements are also unique. Ask about our free vend and subsidized vending programs.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Solutions in Paradise

Coffee is important, so don’t leave it up to chance. Get a First Class Vending office coffee program for your Paradise office. We work with you to determine the brewers to best handle your coffee volume and style. This includes more traditional by-the-pot brewers to the increasingly popular single-cup brewers. Whatever you choose, know that our machines offer the latest in convenience features and the abilities to change coffee brewing profiles to match each drinker. Beyond regularly maintaining your brewing machines and restocking your coffee supply, we’re also willing to provide other break room needs, such as stir sticks, napkins, plates, cups, creamers and sweeteners. We do everything needed to give you a high-level coffee experience without having to seek out the local barista.

If water quality is a problem in Paradise, don’t rely on a water delivery service. Instead, call on First Class Vending for the installation of one of our water filters. Available in configurations to fit any office size, these filters hook directly to your water supply. Once attached, your water will taste better right from the tap – hot or cold.

Micro-Markets Installed in Paradiseoffice coffee and micro markets in Paradise

First Class Vending offers Micro-Market services for Paradise offices. A Micro-Market isn’t a series of vending machines, but instead a combination of attractive racks, displays and coolers that can offer up hundreds of snacks, beverages and entrée options. Once installed, it’s like having a small corner store right in your break room. Employees can simply walk into the store, grab what they want and then take care of the transaction themselves at the integrated self-checkout kiosks. The kiosks are always on, meaning the store is always open, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Learn more about First Class Vending by calling 800-515-VEND (8363) or e-mail info@firstclassbreakrooms.com.