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Vending Machines Installed in Laughlinvending machines and office coffee service in Laughlin

Adding vending machines to Laughlin office is a great way to fuel productivity and morale, and First Class Vending is your connection to the best vending machine solutions. We offer every type of vending machine, from beverage and snack vending machines to those that vend coffee and food items. Our vending machines include the latest in technological innovations, such as cashless payment and guaranteed product delivery. And we have all the snacks, sodas and food items that people crave. If you’re still not convinced, ask about our unique vending agreements, such as subsidized and free vending programs.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services in Laughlin

Guarantee a better cup of coffee by adding an office coffee program to your Laughlin office. First Class Vending’s selection of brewing machines includes everything from the traditional, by-the-pot brewers to those that brew by the cup. So, whatever the size of your operation or the daily coffee brewing needs, we have the technology to accommodate. We offer a wide selection of both coffees and teas. If you prefer, we’ll also provide your other break room supplies, such as napkins, stir sticks, plates, cups, creamers and more.

How’s your water quality at your Laughlin office? If it could be better…you’re right, it could be better, with a water filtration system from First Class Vending. Our systems are simple. We hook up a filter directly to your water supply and it removes the impurities that can cause bad taste. All you need to do is turn the faucet and better water is there.

Laughlin Micro-Market Solutionsvending service and micro-markets in Laughlin

Turn your Laughlin break room into a standalone convenience store with a Micro-Market program from First Class Vending. We’ll work with you to put together an arrangement of coolers, displays and racks to best fit your needs. Then we’ll fill it with hundreds of products to best cater to your workforce. Once installed, employees can browse the store and select the items they want. From there it’s a quick trip to the integrated checkout kiosk to handle the transaction themselves. Inventory can be monitored remotely, meaning we can help ensure inventory never runs dry, and that we’re only supplying products that people want. Stores are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get first-class treatment with First Class Vending. Learn more at 800-515-VEND (8363) or e-mail info@firstclassbreakrooms.com.