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Henderson’s Source for Quality Vending Machinesvending machines and water filtration service in Henderson

Get the most from your Henderson employees with a vending machine service from First Class Vending. We offer the modern vending machines you need, including snack vending machines, coffee vending machines and food vending machines, to name a few. All offer the latest in convenience features. For instance, our vending machines include Sure-Vend guaranteed product delivery, a feature that uses infrared technology to determine if a purchases product drops, or not. If not, the vending machine automatically refunds the customers money. Also find cashless payment and remote inventory monitoring with most of our vending equipment.

Henderson’s Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service Provider

Henderson offices can make high quality coffee in house with an office coffee service from First Class Vending. We have both traditional and single-cup brewing machines ready to install in your office, made complete with a huge selection of popular brands, types and flavors of coffees and teas. Our service team will regularly visit to restock your coffee supply and clean/maintain your brewers. We’ll also restock other break room needs, such as napkins, filters, cups, plates, creamers and sweeteners.

Does water quality limit your coffee quality? First Class Vending can help here too.Our comprehensive water filters – available in table-top or floor-standing formats –connect to your water supply and remove impurities at the source. Get better tasting water, hot or cold, but simply turning a faucet.

Micro-Markets are Here in Hendersonoffice coffee and micro markets in Henderson

Want to convert a portion of your Henderson office into a convenience store? It’s possible, with a Micro-Market from First Class Vending. We install racks, coolers and displays in your break room to create the attractive store. You can choose from hundreds of unique products to fill the store including items not normally found in vending machines, such as dairy products or gourmet salads. Integrated self-checkout kiosks make transactions simple. Customers simply want in, grab what they want and bring the items to the kiosks. A simple scan of the items and a swipe of a card, and off they go. Further simplifying store management, wireless monitoring lets us know what’s in your store at any given time. Therefore, we can better keep the inventory restocked. Stores can remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Let First Class Vending start serving you today. Call 800-515-VEND (8363) or e-mail info@firstclassbreakrooms.com today.